Thursday, July 06, 2006

Our Last Days in VT

For those of you who may not know, we've left VT!

Sorry--for those of you who hadn't heard, we left Montana and moved to VT!

The highlights from our days in VT:
1. Brett taught at a prestigious private school
2. Brett laid down the engineer mantle
3. The birth of our child
4. Sooz honed her baking and other amazing cooking skills
5. Brett punctured a lung (see picture)
6. Numerous trips, shopping for the location of our NEXT home
7. Attempts to be granola-loving, tree-hugging, sandal-wearing, liberal-voting VT-ites
8. Brett laid down the stock trader mantle
9. Refining our friends' patience by randomly replying to exactly 1.72% of all e-mail, Christmas cards, and other correspondence
10. Realizing that, in our true hearts, we aren't granola-loving, tree-hugging, sandal-wearing, liberal-voting VT-ites!

Love for now, Brett'n'sooz


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