Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Weathering the Snows

Where to start?!

Our hearts are full as we think back on the past several months of precious life and reflect. Yes, such moments of reverie are occasionally interrupted by the odd flashback: "When is my project due?!" "Where did my students go?!" or "What is that high-pitched noise coming from the engine?!" But really, who except the dullest of dullards doesn't experience similar memories?

We apologize for the slow pace with which we are bringing up to speed on our lives, moves, and exploits you, our ever-faithful following of friends (consider the alliteration, as someone wise once wrote.... Consider the.... Hey, deja-vu!).

Let's begin at the beginning, or somewhere near the exact middle at least:

  • We cross the border into the state of wedded bliss.
  • Adventures too numerous to list here....
  • We acquire a new dog.
  • Brett's career in mountain biking seems doomed.
  • We move to VT, lured by the promise of living in a Viking village.
  • We acquire our sixth, seventh, and eighth dogs in quick succession.
  • Brett falls prey to the unlucky lure of quick lucre.
  • Brett falls prey to the responsibilities of the first-year teacher.
  • Susan completes family tree / inventory of family firearms.
  • Dog pack scaled back to two.
  • Brett falls, prays, punctures lung, loses two toes, takes break from mountain biking.
  • Susan wins coveted "Midwestern Transplant" award.
  • Susan completes volumes 1,2 of fictional trilogy about unhappy Midwestern dorm-mom.
  • Brett wins local Xbox competition, contemplates career as dairy farmer.
  • After auditioning several exciting sites, we move back to MT!
  • Susan completes advanced certification in various computer-related skills.
  • Brett takes up elk hunting, burns family furniture, replaces same with homemade.
More to come in our next installment!

Love for now.


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