Thursday, May 31, 2007

Elk Hunt FAQ Teaser

No, no FAQ page yet on the elk hunt (sigh). But, to inject a dose of well-earned and long-anticipated adrenalin into your systems, we're going to go ahead and post the answers to two of the questions we've gotten from several of you:

Elk Hunt FAQ#9
If chased by an angry elk, should one attempt to climb a tree, play dead, act aggressively, or something else?

Our knowledgeable elk-hunting neighbors inform us that you're as likely to survive an elk charge by responding with a little kindness. While making soothing sounds, approach the elk with one palm outstretched and allow it to sniff you.

Elk Hunt FAQ#4
How far would we be from the closest source of our morning surge of (insert brand here) coffee?

This is Montana, ya dotards! We'll be brewing our own in a cast-iron kettle over the crackling flames of the morning campfire. We'll also be introducing you to a "secret ingredient" that we add to the pot--that is only available in the back woods of this the greatest state in the union!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Elk Hunt (No)News

For those of you have e-mailed, asking about the elk hunt this fall, we're charging ahead, full steam like the wiley and elusive brutes we'll be gunnin' down. We're still waiting for our webmaster to update our site with directions to our secretive house in the country, the registration form, and the FAQ we promised you. Keep the questions coming!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Brett'n'Sooz Hom(ep)age Update

Just a quick "Thanks!" to our ol' pal, Keith, for adding the Blog link to our homepage on his site. For those of you who haven't breathed the thrilling breeze of nostalgia recently, check out the archives there.
The Brett'n'Sooz Hom(ep)age