Thursday, May 31, 2007

Elk Hunt FAQ Teaser

No, no FAQ page yet on the elk hunt (sigh). But, to inject a dose of well-earned and long-anticipated adrenalin into your systems, we're going to go ahead and post the answers to two of the questions we've gotten from several of you:

Elk Hunt FAQ#9
If chased by an angry elk, should one attempt to climb a tree, play dead, act aggressively, or something else?

Our knowledgeable elk-hunting neighbors inform us that you're as likely to survive an elk charge by responding with a little kindness. While making soothing sounds, approach the elk with one palm outstretched and allow it to sniff you.

Elk Hunt FAQ#4
How far would we be from the closest source of our morning surge of (insert brand here) coffee?

This is Montana, ya dotards! We'll be brewing our own in a cast-iron kettle over the crackling flames of the morning campfire. We'll also be introducing you to a "secret ingredient" that we add to the pot--that is only available in the back woods of this the greatest state in the union!


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